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Creative Problem Solving

System configuration, file maintenance, troubleshooting and creative problem solving are the cornerstones of Digital MD. With over 25 years of experience successfully unraveling the mysteries of program updates, incompatible software, and ever-changing hardware, we can make your system work for you.

Computer Health Maintenance
It's been said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". We couldn't agree more. With our monthly or quarterly "house calls" you can rest assured that your computers will be in tiptop condition. We can diagnose problems early and check for conflicts, viruses and many other disorders.
If we find a problem during the check up, we have the tools and the experience to fix the predicament. As part of the cure, we also optimize your system so it can run at peak efficiency.
Emergency Response
Lock ups, freezes, and crashes. Annoying messages that just won't go away. Lost or damaged files. We can diagnose the crisis, apply the appropriate treatment and have you up and running quickly.

PC to Mac transition, integration and problem-solving

Network set up, service, support and troubleshooting

System Software Diagnostics

Fix or eliminate corrupted files

Conflict resolution

Data recovery from crashed hard drives and camera memory cards

Preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled optimization

Training for software, system, hardware and periferals

Font management and repair

Color Management of printers, monitors, scanners and cameras

Backup and storage solutions

Updates, upgrades and enhancements

Smooth sailing (or surfing)


Whether you're a home user or a business with multiple Macs and PCs, we can help to keep your computers running faster, more reliably and provide support and training when needed. Our company is built on service.

Looking to purchase a system? We can help you determine the combination of computers, software and peripherals that's right for you. We can transfer data, update current software and integrate the new system into your environment or we can help create a new workflow that best suits your needs.